AMOK is ten days of discovery. Ten days of music, performance and talks. But what's on and when? It's all here below! 


Friday 30.09.22

Friday is the kick-off of ten days AMOK. As per usual we do this with what we like to call the AMOKATHON, a concert marathon in 3 venues, 9 bands/artists and 0 euro entrance fee. Meet us at De Republiek, Snuffel or Cinema Lumière for live music, we end the night with dj Lander Gyselinck in Paula Mostaert. 

Free for all, come join us!


Saturday 01.10.22

Let's start the day with a première! PAARD. made a soundtrack to 6 short films, which they will bring live in Cinema Lumière. The shorts are made and directed by Sarah Yu Zeebroek, William Massy, Kim Pi Lee, Simon Lynen, Anton Claeys and Alexander Deprez. It's a mix of stop motion, live action drama and abstract computer visuals. Get ready for a unique movie experience with plenty of humour and high energy music. 

More about PAARD. - Line of Scrimmage


Ever wanted to do a guided tour in Bruges with a slight edge to it? Enter: Zone X. Miko takes you round Bruges in the year 2124, the city survived The Disaster of 2034 but lives now secluded from the rest of the world. We visit this "Zone X", where time stood still in the years 2020. We tour the city on Saturday 1 and Sunday 9 October. 

More about Zone X


The city of Bruges is a central theme of AMOK as you may have noticed. Artists Veerle Michiels and Jonas Vansteenkiste designed the project Protect Me where they safeguard the monuments in the city by covering them up. Monuments remember an important milestone in history, are dedicated to a person or thing and are often landmarks in the city. But what if it suddenly wrapped up and made unrecognizable? 

More about Protect Me


At 20h we meet at Biekorf for APHASIA by Jelena Jureša. Together with the victim of war and criminal, we find ourselves in a nightclub at Belgrade. What does it mean to be witness? To silently partake in violence? We dive into this story as "innocent" bystanders..  

More about APHASIA


Before the performance there is a free introduction by Christophe Busch, which starts at 18.30h. Professor Busch is director of the Hannah Arendt Institute and is a Holocaust expert. This talk will be in Dutch. 

More about this intro

Sunday 02.10.22

In the weekend we like to get up early and dive right in. So this Sunday is no exception! We partner up with De Republiek for a special edition of Doctalks, with the movie Why We Fight by Alain Platel and Myriam Devriendt.

After the movie we talk to Lieven Deloof (Touché vzw). Talk in Dutch!

More about Why We Fight


Again, the city is our playing field. This time it's all about the crafts: The Handmade's Tale by Liesa Van der Aa. Liesa invited several craftsmen/women of Handmade in Bruges to help set out a parcours in the city where crafts become performance. In Hof Bladelin, Ryelandtzaal en St. Jakob Church we see, hear and experience the works of Lulu Cuyvers, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Jon Birdsong and Brody Neuenschwander. 

A unique performance parcours!

More about the Handmade parcours


Liesa Van der Aa sticks around in Bruges to talk about and listen to Easy Alice. Her latest album is more than a records, it's a movie, a story.. Liesa tells all in this session and of course we listen together to Easy Alice. Talk can be in English, depending on the attendants. 

More about this session

Tuesday 04.10.22

From Tuesday on you can go swimming in the underwater sound world of Pak Yan Lau. For AMOK she made the score Sogni Liquidi, which allows swimmers to have a unique audio experience while they move through the water. This is part of your ticket when you go swimming from Tuesday 4 till Saturday 8 October. On 9 October there will be a live version. 

More about Sogni Liquidi


At night there is music and word performance. We invited Mattias De Craene, Peter Verhelst, MARIS en Astrid Haerens for a musically literary evening that we called NEW SONGS. The poets and the musicians interact with eachother. Mattias De Craene vs Peter Verhelst and MARIS vs Astrid Haerens; 

More about NEW SONGS

Wednesday 05.10.22

A brilliant musical evening in a brilliant location: schntzl & Craig Taborn at the Walburga Church. Piano is key. Craig Taborn is at the top of his game, schntzl is the young talent that knows how to surpise. Together they will bring you an evening where we explore the existing and imaginary boundaries of jazz.

More about this double bill

Thursday 06.10.22

Two Brits making a trip to Bruges to run AMOK? No, this is not the Champions League! It's multi instrumentalist Alabaster dePlume and saxophone player Chelsea Carmichael bringing their sweet sweet music. It's going to be an evening of light and love. Dare we say.. not to be missed!

More about this double bill

Friday 07.10.22

Due to visa reasons, Tumi Mogorosi and his band unfortunately cannot travel to Belgium. Consequently, the entire tour is cancelled. We searched for a worthy replacement and found it in Tutu Puoane

Tutu's music is a mix of African, European and American traditions. Puoane is working on a new project around South African heroines such as Brenda Fassie and Miriam Makeba. Tutu Puoane thus works around the same themes as Koleka Putuma.

More about this double bill

After the performance we meet up at De Republiek to relax and enjoy eachother's company with Weekendkabaal

Saturday 08.10.22

Again, we like to get up early in the weekends.. We start our day the Cinema where ZONDERWERK will bring music live in interaction with the big screen. Duo Dijf Sanders and Linde Carrijn combine their talents to create stories with old samplers, tape machines and both analog and digital instruments.  



Another premiere at AMOK: Inland Island by Tineke De Meyer. Together with a select few you take place at the table. Through headphones a voice talks to you. A voice by a creature.. an angel, an alien? Who knows, we listen together to unravel the story. 

More about Inland Island


Saturday night = dancing! First we let the professionals handle this, and more in particular Soa Ratsifandrihana. Word is that if you say this three times in a row you end up in an incredible groove. While dancing, Soa creates a conversation with two sound worlds, while dancing she researches the now and than of groove. A must if you like to groove.  

More about gr oo ve 


After seeing someone dance, it's time to move those legs yourself! KOMA is a classic old school rave. DJ Marcelle (amongst other) will be spinning the records, and yes.. that is quite literal. No usb sticks, no 'press play' - but actual vinyl records on the decks. Dancing is the answer, no matter the question!

More about KOMA

Sunday 09.10.22

Congratulations, you made it to day 10! Almost time to end AMOK, but it's Sunday.. So you probably like to have a laidback brunch with family or friends. No problem, the universum will provide! Come down to KORF for an excellent culinary brunch with the musical likings of Sander De Keere

More about the brunch with Sander De Keere


Tummy all full? Time to have a walk. Maybe in Bruges with Zone X? Or maybe you should go for a swim (wait two hours to be safe) - Pak Yan Lau brings her underwater soundscape live in the Guilini pool. Or do you want to sit down at the table again? Than join us at Maricolen, where Tineke De Meyer invites you for the performance Inland Island.

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