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Monokino organiseert opnieuw een avond film met Visite, het bruisende filmplatform uit Antwerpen.

  • Film
  • Vrijdag 04 december, 20:00
  • KAAP | Oostende

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Op 4 december presenteren Monokino en Visite samen “Langweile” - een avond film in thema van vrije tijd, tijd, vrije ruimte en spelen. Op het programma staan films van vijf Belgische makers, Ans Mertens (Sunday), Katrien Vermeire (Touw figuren), Eva Claus (Tirana), Manon de Boer (Oumi: From nothing to something to something else pt 3) en Chantal Akerman (La Chambre)

Het programma handelt over vrije tijd, tijd, vrije ruimte en spelen, met films van vijf Belgische makers:

Ans Mertens - Sunday

Set in a natural reserve ‘Sunday’ treats the frame as a path, guiding the spectator’s eye like the wanderer is guided along sights.However, the frame hits the tension between the rough landscape of the heather and its cultivation.

Katrien Vermeire - Touw figuren (Oostende)

For her audiovisual piece Touwfiguren (String Figures, 2016), Katrien Vermeire drew inspiration from the encyclopedic film Fadenspiele (1969), part of the German film series Encyclopaedia Cinematographica by H.R. Haefelinger. Touwfiguren shows two children making a succession of string figures. It focuses on the practice as a game, with relatively simple figures, which we perhaps recognize from our own childhoods. In Touwfiguren (2016), Vermeire plays with the frame rate (slow-motion, high-speed), so as to focus attention on the movements and the action. Her 16mm film shows string figures being made in Brussels, almost fifty years after the German work.

Eva Claus - Tirana

An afternoon filming in Tirana, Albania; going up and down the pyramid. Kids are observed through an admiring gaze. They proudly show us their urban playground, climbing to the top, ruling their city.

Manon de boer - Oumi. From nothing to something to something else, part 3

Oumi is the third and final part of From nothing to something to something else, a series of three portraits of teenagers. While the first two films followed groups of three and four youngsters, Oumi focuses on just one girl quietly improvising with objects around her, singing, and often withdrawn in her own thoughts. The sensorial, intimate aural presence of her breathing and her voice contrasts with the sensation of witnessing an inner world one has no access to. 

Chantal Akerman - La Chambre

A long and slow panoramic shot describes continuously the space in a room. Chantal Akerman sits on a bed, at first motionless and then, when the camera captures her again, eating an apple. This film is a mysterious self-portrait of the filmmaker at her favourite spot as well as a sort of cinematic still-life, repetitively describing elements in a space. 

Monokino & Visite
KAAP | Oostende